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Latest Things

I don't think I'm going to look at just how long it was since I put anything here. But I'm going to put my latest daily mini drawings. It started well and Jan 1st with me deciding to practice drawing with pencils and that carried on for most of the first week before I went back to using pen and ink from the second week on.
week 1 2015 small
week 2 2015 small
week 3 2015 small
The first three weeks are done, there are titles on the Flickr page mentioning what the pictures are, if I got the link right.
Will I keep it up? I hope so, I've enjoyed doing something for the last few years. I even printed and made a book for me and Mum this year and she has kept up doing something as well, i'll just go and see what she did for today! .....It's in progress!
That does bring up the dilemma of what I am going to do for today...............